domenica 8 settembre
ore 19.30

Valdirose/Rožna Dolina – Vipavska cesta 12b

from Menaseh’s Dream by Isaac Singer

with Adriana Vasques
dramaturgy by Antonella Caruzzi
compositions and arrangements, piano and voice, Adriana Vasques
drawings by Evaristo Cian
live visuals by Stefano Podrecca

Menaseh is an orphan who lives in his uncle’s very poor home. Though he loves reading, he only owns one book. A book of fairytales that he keeps with great care like a precious treasure, and that represents the whole of his imaginary world. One day he goes in the forest near his uncle’s house and falls asleep, then starts to dream…
His dream becomes a journey, in which fragments of his past and of his future reveal themselves to him, in a timeless dimension that will somehow illuminate his future life. A musician and a painter will give their interpretation of the story, working together on a canvas based on Isaac Singer’s short story.

ticket price € 5,00
reservation recommended, ph. +39 3351753049
limited seats

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